Awards and Prizes


In order to qualify for Top Teacher, teachers must have a minimum of 1 package and 75 entries. Alternatively, the package requirement will be waived if you have a minimum of 125 entries.

Entries received after the deadline or at the competition will not count toward Top Teacher Awards.

The point system is the same as the World DanceSport Series:

Rising Star$500$400$300$200$150$100

Equal prize money will be awarded in the BALLROOM, LATIN, SMOOTH, and RHYTHM.

Open Bronze
(A, B, & C)
Open Silver
(A, B, & C)
Open Gold +
(A, B, & C)
9 & 10 Dance$200$150$100$75$50$50
Senior 1 & Senior 2$200$150$100$75$50$50

*To enter the "Best of the Best" Scholarships events, each student must also be entered in all the single dances of the dance Style and Level of Scholarship event they are entered in.*

Every Pro/Am student and amateur couple who is doing freestyle entries will receive a participation award. Top Students, male and female, will be presented. To be eligible for Top Student awards, a student must enter a minimum of 8 dances in that level.

Three (3) Top Studio Awards will be presented.

A Supreme Award will be presented to the student with the highest scoring solo in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels.