Attention - Please note! As of June 17, 2015 all forms have been updated with our new registration mailing address for registration inquiries. Please take note and send your information to the new address and email. New changes have been made since the last announcement made on May 15, 2015.

Please include an Accounting Summary Form and General Release form with all entries. Also include the Rooming List form if you are on a package. The forms listed below can be filled out online and either saved and sent to us by email or printed and mailed or faxed. The entry registration deadline is: July 17, 2015. Please make all checks payable to: LVBC, LLC.
Ticket Order and Dance Camp Form
Pro-Am Single Dances and Solos
Pro-Am Multi-Dance & Scholarships
Professional Entry Form
Amateur Single Dances and Solos
Amateur Multi-Dances
Rooming List
Accounting Summary Form
General Release
Professionals: This file requires a password. If you know the password, please type it in the box and press “Submit". If you do not have a password, please contact our registrar.
Package Prices and Registration Fees