Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

  1. The material used should be based on the NDCA syllabus, Arthur Murray, Fred Astaire social step list or any approved syllabi of member organizations of the NDCA.

  2. The following categories pertain to Pro-Am and Amateur American Free Styles only:

    • Pre Bronze: Steps 1 through 5
    • Intermediate Bronze: 1 through 8
    • Full Bronze: 1 through 10
    • Pre Silver: 1 through 5
    • Intermediate Silver: 1 through 8
    • Full Silver: 1 through 10
    • Intermediate Gold: 1 through 8
    • Full Gold: 1 through 10

    The following categories pertain to Pro-Am and Amateur International Freestyles only:
    Pre-Bronze through Full Gold – any approved syllabi of member organizations of the NDCA.

  3. Pro-Am & Student /Student Age Divisions: you can enter only 2 age divisions – your actual age and one age division lower. Pre-teen, Junior and Youth must enter their actual age division.

  4. Level of Dance: In American and International Style – Pro-Am or Amateur Couples:
    You may dance up to THREE Closed levels and TWO Open levels. The levels must be in consecutive order, you may dance your current level and "UP" 2 additional levels - you cannot skip a level. In addition, you may enter Proficiency in the same levels.

    4.a. To enter the “Best of the Best” Scholarships events, each student must also be entered in all the single dances of the dance Style and Level of Scholarship event they are entered in.

  5. No Continuity Style in Bronze.

  6. American and International Style Pro-Am Dress Code: costumes are allowed at any/all levels. Preteen and Juniors must adhere to NDCA rules (

  7. In any category with fewer than 3 entries, the organizers reserve the right to eliminate the age and sex divisions and merge competitors into one open division.

  8. Solo Routines are not to exceed three (3) minutes. Music will be faded out after 3 minutes. Music must be provided on CD’s, labeled and provided to music director 30 minutes before scheduled performance.
    Formation routines are limited to four (4) minutes. Lifts and Drops are not allowed for Pre-Teen, Junior or Youths. Music must be provided on CD’s labeled with group name & name of routine and delivered to music director at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled performance start time.

  9. There will be no substituting of a student with another student during the weekend.

  10. Invigilation will be used for all restricted categories. They will be strictly supervised and competitors committing infractions will be disqualified.

  11. Professional Cabaret: Couples will be judges performing a solo routine of their own choice, not to exceed 4 minutes in duration. Including walk-on and walk-off music. All competitors must come prepared with their own music on CD’s.

  12. All person’s attending this event, whether as spectators or as Officials or as Competitors or guests of the Organizers, shall be bound by NDCA rules and by participating in The NV Ball Dancesport Championships will automatically obliged to adhere to them.

  13. Cancellation/Refund Policy:
    Cancellation made prior to July 10, 2019 must be in writing to receive a refund 30 days after the event. A 20% cancellation fee will be applied if cancelled after July 10, 2019. No refunds will be made if cancelled after August 7, 2019. Cancelled entries taken at the event cannot be substituted by another entry and no refund will be made on such a cancellation. There are NO refunds or exchanges on admission tickets.
    Entry Deadline is: JULY 12, 2019.
    *Please make Certified Checks and Money Orders payable to: The NV Ball* [No personal/studio checks!]

  14. Professionals and Amateurs couples competing in any capacity must be currently registered with the NDCA and supply the Organizers with a current registration number on our entry forms. For Registration go to:

  15. No videotaping or filming will be allowed. A professional video production company will be present to video participants dancing.

Competitor Conduct

  1. While on the competition premises, competitors shall conduct themselves in a civil sportsmanlike manner at all times.

  2. It is the competitor’s responsibility to be in attendance in advance of the advertised time scheduled for the events they are entering.

  3. Competitors entering The NV Ball event shall accept as final the individual markings of the Judges and no appeal against them can be made, except when it can be shown that the actual marking have been incorrectly interpreted.

  4. No competitor shall harass or question a judge about his/her personal reasons for marking.

  5. Any competitor who removes any of the master scrutineer sheets without the permission of the Organizers shall render himself liable to disciplinary action.

  6. The Organizers of The NV Ball reserve the right to reject the application of any competitor who has violated any of the above rules of conduct in any recognized NDCA event.

  • Registration Deadline: July 12, 2019
  • Please make Certified Checks/Money Orders payable to: The NV Ball
    (No personal/studio checks will be accepted!)

  • Email all forms to David Don at
    Fax all forms to: 772.489.4600

  • Mail to: The NV Ball
  • 2232 S. Main St. #349
  • Ann Arbor, MI 48103